Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Boobs With Gonorrhea

'm here Hooolaaa ¡¡¡¡¡ .....

Happy Tuesday to tod @ s
come with a very quick and easy recipe, but is
slow death and it fits ... ....
yes, yes, we can fill more than
we like, so I will leave a delicious snack and
You put the stuffing.

This great recipe I've caught has my dearest blogger friends
Cooking with love .
A great blog full of fantastic recipes and a
extraordinary beauty.

And this recipe is dedicated to three great bloggers
that I have given each of them a wonderful award

Roxin the blog Roxin Chest
blog with great craft,
a charming woman and very helpful.

Vargas Rosita's blog Cheap and
Rico who tod @ s know for its delicious dishes from Eighth
, Chile.
A nice weekend kiss,
always come to visit.

And for the mom who despite her two toddlers and
that goes way, finds time to devote to
your blog with delicious recipes
thanks precious. She is
Lily's blog Delicias Mos

; And of these
awards are dedicated to all my readers
and supporters.

And now I leave the recipe for the delicious Limousines.


500 grs. flour.
200 grs. warm milk.
40 grs. of baker's yeast.
4 grs. salt.
3 tablespoons sugar.
80 grs. sugar.
2 eggs.


in a bowl, flour, salt and sugar.
Dilute yeast in warm milk and add it to the mixture.
we will cover with a cloth and wait about 20 meters that leavened.
After this time we will add the softened butter and eggs
and proceed to knead.
amassing around 4 meters.
If we see that the dough is sticky, adding flour
let us stay until a homogeneous mass.
We let the mixture stand for 30 mts.tapada with a cloth. We will continue
balls of approximately 80 grams. And we again
to rise until double in volume. Finally
will sunflower oil in a skillet over medium heat and fry
balls 3 mts. on each side,
we get and drain.
The as coated with sugar and fill to taste.

I hope you like them and go to collect your prize.
Greetings and kisses to everyone.


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