Friday, February 11, 2011

Pilladas En La

cheese cake with peach and pear express appreciation. Coconut Cupcakes

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arrived on Friday
and enjoy all weekend.

Today I have made a cake I've made in a plis plas
and had no idea
for dessert, but talking to my dearest Jane
of babel
kitchen I got the inspiration and
food as he lie to me I assure you that cake is done in a flash splash,
mass is only has to stand in the refrigerator,
else is very fast and the result
is spectacular.
The dough is delicious and crunchy, the filling
you can put any fruit
you have in that moment that I leave to vosotr @ s .

As my inspiration has been her
let me spend it,
but today I said why not publish
was far behind in my comments and was very overwhelmed
why he could not answer
and tod @ s it hurts me, because I fail to
all the blogs which I would reply,
I do not know how you do vosotr @ s ,
suggestions are welcome since my time I
and bring you a piece of cake that you are also
@ s include in this dedication on the cake.
mass changed but I have found it in a magazine
of Thermomix, and had tried but had not convinced
, so today I decided to change the ingredients,
and have given it full.
Now I can say that the mass is to my liking.


300 grs. flour.
1 teaspoon baking powder.
1 / 2 teaspoon salt. 125
grs. butter.
150 grs. sugar.
2 yolks.


125 grs. of cream.
100 grs. sugar.
1 teaspoon vanilla essence. D
2 tablespoons ground almonds.
2 eggs. Cinnamon
Pears. Berries


Here as
had little time and I used the Thermomix, but you can make
is easy.

For the Dough:
the glass butterfly,
whisk the butter and sugar 3 mts. a vel. 4.
add the 2 egg yolks one at a time vel.4 uos seconds. Withdraw
butterfly and add the flour with salt and
yeast, vel. 4, to form a stiff dough,
but soft. Book
plastic wrap in the refrigerator an hour, I've had
45 mts.
Roll out the dough on a floured board, cover with her
and a baking tin tin.

For the filling:

prepare the fruit and mix with 50 oz. sugar.
place the fruit on the base of the cake. Beat with the Thermomix
2 eggs with the remaining sugar, 30 sec
vel. 3 and a half,
incorporate vanilla, cinnamon, almond, cream and mix
5 sec. vel.2 and pour over fruit. We
at 180 ยบ C until crust is golden and filling

is a exquisitex, easy to use and

We express pie.

Blog Thanks to Agnes
the blog of fine dining and more.
I was granted the prize and I pick up with
much love,
Thanks guapetonay are you a sun
I do not know how you do everything to reach
but you're a super woman,
and I will leave it here for everyone collect any s
it and I will bring forth to your house.


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