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When I saw the recipe I could not resist,
call me so much attention that I had to do it.
The recipe is from Eva Arguiñano.

; Properties beet:

The beet is a food that we should not ignore.
High energy is a vegetable that is very recommended in cases of anemia,
blood diseases and convalescence due to its high iron content,
is also rich in sugars, vitamins C and B, potassium and carotene.
The sugar in the beet is sucrose.

Another recipe that intrigued me was that of our beloved
, Sole, blog
Pura Gula ; beet gazpacho with
, with a reddish color that falls,
and delicious flavor that is a source of vitamins,
, all that made me decide for this cake,
although in principle would not know that result,
but its texture and flavor is a delicious delight.

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                                                      100 grs. de chocolate blanco.
                                                      4 eggs.
40 MRS. de mantequilla.
4 tablespoons ground almonds.
120 grs. sugar.
60 MRS. de maicena.
100 grs. sugar.
1 of baking powder ..
1 Boiled beets. (I used that are vacuum packed).


; ; Whip the egg whites and set aside.
assemble also the yolks and set aside.
Beet dry on absorbent paper and the blender
make a puré.Reservar.
In a bowl, we put the cream, butter, chocolate,
; ; and put it in a water bath until melted all
ingredients, stirring constantly.
add a bowl mix the sifted cornstarch, sugar and
; , the beet puree and stir until well blended.
retired the bowl from the heat and added to the mix the yolks,
; ;
ground almonds ; ; and removing the egg whites gently.
Prepare a baking dish and fill with mixture.
Baking about 35 - 4th mts. A80 ° C, checked before take off.

I hope I like, really is different, but is delightfully
; ; good.




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