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Basic Masa Cake donuts and prizes

Hi tod @ s
Today I bring you a recipe of five textures of
basic cake I've experienced these
's no butter, no butter,
with almonds or hazelnuts, angel .....
there are several types and varieties of taste, shape, and color
All of them are from the book Sweets & Desserts
Trish Deseine.
In it there are several basic tips
to get a good ground.

1 - The temperature of the ingredients is paramount.
2 - The butter should be soft, ie
not offer any resistance to the knife passes through it and this bright,
while maintaining its shape without melting.
3 - Eggs should be at room temperature.
4 - Sift the flour.

start with the simple but exquisite .¡¡¡¡¡¡

Mass without butter:


4 eggs.
100 grs. flour.
100 grs. sugar.
1 on baking powder.


Conventional method:

Preheat oven to 190 º C.
with electric rods assemble
eggs with sugar.
The mixture should become very thick and pale.
Add flour sifted with baking powder and mix the dough.
Put in a pan and bake 180 º C 20 mts.a
Check cake after 20 mts. and prick with a needle
in the center to see if it goes dry.
If so, remove from oven and let cool a few
minutes on a wire rack completely before removing from pan.


performed the same steps above
add to the vessel unless the butterfly and introduce
eggs with sugar and schedule
2 mts. temperature 40 º C
vel. 3.
Add the flour and yeast and return to program
vel. 2 seconds.
and proceed to fill the baking pan.

As you can see how we can give
the cake that we like,
in this case I did it in individual molds.


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