Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Soften Dickies Pants

Lemon Bars (Lemon Bars)


powdered sugar 55 grs
215 grams of flour 170 grs
Butter 60 g Pine

70 grams Flour
455 grams of sugar 280 ml
Lemon Juice
1 lemon (grated)
6 eggs 1 egg yolk

Glas (decoration)


Preheat oven to 180 º C. Grease a rectangular bottom tin.

prepare first base, mixing the sugar with the flour in the bowl of the mixer with the paddle attachment. We do it at low speed and we add the softened butter in pieces. When well blended, incorporate the pine nuts until evenly distributed.

distribute the mixture over bottom of prepared pan, pressing down firmly and smoothing the surface. It should be of a thickness of 0.5 cm or so. Cover with parchment paper and pie weights filled with (in my case a few chickpeas). Bake the dough about 25/35 minutes until golden.

While base is baking prepare the filling. Put the flour into a bowl, add sugar and mix. Incorporate the lemon juice and zest and beat until sugar dissolves.

In another bowl put the 6 egg yolks and a pinch of salt. Beat well until foaming. Add eggs and beat the other mixture until fully integrated.

When the base is ready, we took the tray from the oven, we remove the weights and paper and pour the lemon mixture into the mold directly without removing the tray from the oven. It is easier to do so, because the mixture is very liquid reaches the edge of the mold and if you fill out is very likely to take it to the oven, overflowing.

We reduce the oven temperature to 170 º C and bake for 30/40 minutes until the center does not tremble.

When ready, let it cool on a rack, cover and let it cool completely before slicing. With a serrated knife cut into 12 pieces or whatever you wish. Sprinkle the pieces with powdered sugar using a sieve and serve. Guarded can keep up to 4 days.

I saw this recipe and many places and in many books and always put in "pending" but never did. It had to be now when I did, with a new baking book I was given. Well, they gave me three. My sister Ana has had to decide to invest in herself, buying everything in the kitchen, whether accessories (see Kitchen Aid) or books or ingredients or whatever ....

You know that every time travel has been bought everything he has found for each site that happens (this summer is going to England for a wedding ... I can not wait to come back ...). Now, after the Christmas presents, he is the turn three impressive books.

Reyes, a classmate of Paloma, who have recovered thanks to FaceBook, told Ana that the latest craze in U.S. was a bakery in San Francisco that was called " Tartine Bakery "and he did amazing things. Looking for information on this site, Ana found the books were published. Of course the next step was to go to and search. And like, like, asked the three books: Tartine, Tartine Bread and Bourke Street Bakery .

The first is an impressive book of pastry, the second is bread recipes and bread recipes and the third is another Bakery in Sydney, nor does it waste, some breads and cakes ... amazing.

The recipe that I have proposed today is the book "Tartine" and is a true delight. They toasted over the base to make it more crispy, but I personally do not like things done, so I left them a little more white boys. For those who like lemon, this is your recipe. I published a long-lemon pie very good, but I think these bars are higher.

And my sister Anne, thank you gifts as well, I encourage you to continue investing in this joy (so she says .... Is it takes a good return on investment ....) but I really started to miss much time to do anything he wanted ....


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