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Second Beet cake cake batter, light almond cake and prizes

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This is the second largest cake I bring,
and therefore you can add powdered almonds or hazelnuts
Its texture is very soft but also differs from the previous
as almond gives another kind of stickiness,


5 egg whites.
100 grs. melted butter.
80 grs. hazelnuts or almonds.
150 grs. sugar.
75 grs. flour.


Conventional method:

Preheat oven to 200 º C.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
gently incorporate almonds (or hazelnuts)
and sugar.
then add the sifted flour and melted butter
Pour into pan and bake at 200 º C for 15 mts.
Lower the oven to 150 º C and leave in oven 15 mts. more.

With Thermomix:

The steps are exactly as I quoted above
will put whites in the bowl with butterfly and set
4 mts. vel.3
to add the other ingredients and program
6 sec. a vel. 3

The decoration on the cake and I leave it to your liking.

And here I leave my beloved awards
companions have left me,
from here I thank you and tell you to pick them up with lots

The first is our
Querida amiga del blog cuisine
The ERI is a girl of charm and look that Words
most beautiful dejaba me in your blog:

Agues of ses of Agues kitchenette.
If you look at your photo you will see what SMILE.
. So this, in all their block conveys
and your comments.
Recipes varied
for all tastes and many of its Estimated land ...

If you do not know why your blog visit their recipes are a delight
of good and colorful ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
We enchanted that you may go to prepare @ s
everything that puts us.

And another prize that comes this time of a girl who resists
not a single recipe with the Thermomix. Another blogger sun
can not stop visiting your wonderful recipes. She is Ana Sevilla
the blog La Juani de Ana de Sevilla

Now I have named some blogs but
you know that you yourselves will have to pick
to come visit,
and I wish you a nice weekend
The condition of this award by accepting
is to write 7 things about me. And here are

1-I love desserts, do not notice it? And always
home is a home-made lunch for me.
2-I am very homey and I love being home with my family, although
children grow up and my husband and I are staying
their own, we're going to do ,,,,,
3-I am passionate about decorating and catering, home
never know mine to be found, I'm always redecorating
, jejejeje
4-Me love reading, especially classic literature and other English
let alone baking books,
my house looks like the public library .....
another of my hobbies is to go running every morning at
field and come back loaded with something for my post ...
5-For me friendship is very important,
have a friend who has a treasure.
6-The family is very important, they are giving me support and encouragement
courage to follow.
7-Me has ecantado meet wonderful people in this world
blogger, and I learned a lot of new things.

Well you know me a little more ¡¡¡¡¡

and today I leave a beautiful phrase:
and I wish you a great weekend
A kiss.

sometimes costs more to remove a single defect
to acquire one hundred virtues.
Jean of Witchcraft.


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