Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Apple Tea Bread Hearts

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Hi tod @ s
Today with this recipe as rosy and as coquettish
want to participate in the contest Hemco of 51
San Valentin.
This month's Cooking with Manuel Manu
catman is the host and the topic has proposed
I've brought you a cheese mousse
which of course I colored.
I hope you like these hearts.
Here you have the recipe.


400 grs. of cream.
50 ml. water.
100 grs. sugar.
3 egg yolks.
4 sheets of gelatin.
200 grs. cheese spreads.
red dye.


In this recipe I used the Thermomix,
but is adaptable to the conventional method.

Put the gelatine leaves soaked.

We place the butterfly in the glass of the Thermomix,
add water, sugar and 3 egg yolks and programmed
5 mts. 80 ° C vel. 1 1 / 2.

Add the drained gelatine leaves and mix 1
mt. vel. 3. Cool
in the same glass. Once cool

add the cream and cheese and mix it vel.3
cream and cheese are assembled, add a few drops of food coloring in this case
red with a very gently stir rods

Divide the mousse into molds or cups,
in this case I have used molds
heart shaped silicone
and let stand in refrigerator a couple of hours.

Unmold and Emplate.
I have with a sauce of raspberries.


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