Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Best Clothes Steamer

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tod @ s
today I brought a simple recipe,
but it is a fluffy delight
with that subtle hint of coconut. Today I used
time was not enough for more but the can also
do without it.
The recipe is from the book Thermomix cooking school.
The most important of all is that they are
a homemade muffins are not
no comparison with the industry.
and in just a few minutes
have a snack, a breakfast .......
An excuse to go to the kitchen that
....¡¡¡¡ my kids.
A for the recipe and I leave an Arab proverb:

Tree of silence hanging security fruit.


140 grs. flour.
1 sachet baking powder.
A pinch of salt.
4 eggs.
100 grs. sugar.
1 coconut yogurt.
100 grs. olive oil.


glass of Thermomix
eggs and sugar and set 20 sec. vel. 3.
Add in the cup yogurt and oil and set a few seconds
vel. 3.
Add the flour and baking schedule
vel.2 6 sec. Finish wrapping
gently with a spatula.
Pour into muffin molds and bake or similar
15 meters to 180 ยบ. C

very super-duper easy.
With an exquisite result.
A kiss to everyone . @ S


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