Monday, February 7, 2011

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Foie Gras Toast with Mushrooms and Bean Sauce


pad 200 grams of duck Foie Gras
Chanterelles 150 g
beans 400 g (200 g peeled)
1 shallot 1 clove garlic
100 ml of cream
50 ml White Wine Butter
Salt Pepper


cleaned thoroughly and chop mushrooms. Peel and wash beans. We put in a pan a little butter and add the minced shallot. Also add finely chopped garlic. We let poach until tender without taking color. Add the mushrooms, salt it and plug to sauté over medium heat for 15 minutes. Remove the lid and let the liquid evaporate cooking.

Add the beans, white wine and let simmer about 10 minutes until tender. Then we incorporate cream and boil two or three minutes to pickup the mixture well.

Toast bread. Toast covered with pieces of foie gras into slices and put over the mushroom sauce and beans. Serve hot.

this recipe did before Christmas when I was here and fresh beans, the first tender, tiny, delicious! And now I find all kinds of mushrooms in Manchester, I have no excuses to prepare delicious dishes of the season.

The sauce recipe is Martin Berasategui, from his book "Kitchen home." The rest grown, following the custom of that every time I campagne bread, toast taste any different. I think that support all kinds of variations and to solve a fancy dinner. We can also prepare smaller portions and get some amazing tapas.

On this occasion, we tried to put on the bread before the foie gras, a few thin slices of pear. It brings freshness and a sweet spot awesome. And by the way, I used the duck foie gras Lidl, which are not I a fan of this supermarket, I acknowledge that the Deluxe brand products are quite acceptable and an excellent value for money.


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