Thursday, February 17, 2011

Solo Board Horror Games

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Happy Thursday, almost since we arrived at the gates of

Today as one would expect
dessert I brought English style of the book
Quick and Simple Recipes.

And it's time for apples,
and with them we can do a thousand and one dessert,
or any meal.

This case is like a cake and texture similar to pudding


125 grs. Butter.
125 grs. brown sugar.
100 grs. of raisins.
150 ml. apple juice.
1 chopped apple.
3 eggs.
275 grs. flour.
1 sachet baking powder. Cinnamon
ground ginger.
vanilla sugar. To cover the


1 apple cut into slices.
1 tablespoon butter.
brown sugar.

In a saucepan butter,
sugar, raisins and apple juice soft
fire and leave it until the butter has melted.
Remove and let stand a few minutes.

Beat eggs and we'll add,
chopped apple, spices, flour, sifted,
with yeast and stir gently.

Now we add to the egg mixture,
had booked the mixture of butter,
and stir until completely dissolved.

prepare a baking pan, and add
mass, above

we integrate this delicately thin apple slices.

We're in the oven and leave it
approximately about 30-40 meters. at 180 ยบ C
if we see that we roasted apple too,
put up aluminum paper.
In my case I've missed,
depend on the oven.

Al out of the oven for the cake
take a nice color, painted with a jam, I have used
apricot jam
I have warmed with a splash of amaretto
and I painted the hot cake, making a
, brightness beautiful.

Hope you like ....


I want to thank Rosa's blog Roxin Chest
for giving me the award Blog stylish Roxin
Thank you sun and your ticked
the most beautiful in the world, you
Congratulations for your work and your art,
and one of these days I'll look for one of your workshops,
I do not know if I'll do a tilda ¡¡¡¡¡¡
but the snack is assured, jejejejje
thousand kisses the sky.


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