Friday, February 25, 2011

Butt Barre Before After

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1 teaspoon
dry yeast 1 teaspoon salt
100 ml of hot water
Olive Oil
100 g Plain flour sifted

¼ teaspoon herbs (basil, chervil, parsley, chives, ..)
coarse semolina

6 tbsp crushed tomato
fresh basil leaves
oregano 6 tablespoons grated Parmesan
Rocket 100 g 75 g
Roquefort Cheese 60 grams
Nut Oil of Chillies

2 egg yolks
15 grams grated Parmesan
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
100 g Foie Gras 30 g
Minced Pork
1 ball of mozzarella
White Truffle Oil


Put in a bowl of hot water to which we add the yeast and salt. Stir well until it is linked. Gradually add two teaspoons of olive oil, stirring the mixture and let stand 10 minutes or until bubbly.

then adding the flour and knead about 15 minutes, until dough is smooth and elastic. Paint inside a bowl with oil, make a ball with the dough, smeared with oil using your hands and put it in the bowl. I covered with a clean cloth and let stand in a place without running for an hour or an hour and a half or until doubled in size.

After that time we got the dough and crushed to remove the air. At this point if we can make a ball, cover in plastic wrap and can freeze. Roll out the dough and put it in a tray, let rest 15 minutes and is ready for use.

For the mass of natural herbs, once the dough has rested and you've got the air, we add the teaspoon of herbs and follow the same procedure as with the other mass.

This would be a recipe for a basic dough portion (170 grams) for a 30-cm pizza.

We put the stone in the oven dish and turn it on at 250 ยบ C.

prepare the first pizza arugula, blue cheese and walnuts. Sprinkle the surface with semolina and extend a portion of dough with a rolling pin until a circumference of 30cm. approx. The place on a pizza tray and prick with a fork.

We cover the entire surface of crushed tomatoes, always leaving an edge of a cm . unfilled. Sprinkle with chopped basil and some oregano. Split the leaves of arugula and blue cheese into small pieces. And all the pizza, sprinkle with chopped nuts.

Bake the pizza for 6 / 8 minutes until base is golden and crisp. The serve hot and add a few drops of hot oil to taste.

To prepare foie gras pizza dough portion herbs. Once it has rested extended, we do the same as above. We form a ball, the pin out and put it into the source of pizza, poking everywhere.

yolks Mix the Parmesan and parsley and set aside.

spread around the base of the foie gras pizza into pieces and do the same with the mozzarella. We put in the oven for 5 minutes and then open the oven door and handed over the surface of the yolk mixture and cheese.

Leaving bake for another 2 / 3 minutes until crisp and golden. The hot serve all the pizza and sprinkle with drops of white truffle oil.

Since last year I found the book so my Pizza "I have not used another recipe to make pizza dough. The book is by John Lanzafame, world champion pizza. His advice is that the pizza must always be thin and crisp and the accompaniment must be adapted to our tastes.

I totally agree with him and if it come to try their great, what else we want. In this case the filling of the first pizza is not your book, if not an adaptation of a recipe from the BBC GoodFood magazine . But the second recipe, which I think more original if it is yours, and I must say that both have been delicious.

have prepared pizza bases and fill in what more or what we feel like we have at hand, I think it's a luxury we can afford and resolve all a delicious dinner or a meeting of friends at a time.

These two pizzas the day prepared in a hurry and went a little edge, but extend it and prick it, are totally smooth and crisp. The tomato I used for the first pizza was a Raf Tomato Mousse, which I bought in Almeria, and although delicious, I think it's a bit sweet for a pizza. My opinion.


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