Sunday, March 6, 2011

Skin Top Lip Never Heals


250 g Arborio Rice
½ onion 3 slices
bacon 1 cup red wine
Black Grape 200 grams
Parmesan Butter


Cover bottom of casserole bottom thick with melted butter. Cut the onion and add it brunoise. We let it soften but not to brown. Add the bacon cut into small pieces and stir.

Then add the rice and we turn to be saturated fat. Add the wine and salt, stir and let it evaporate. From here we start to add ladles hot broth, stirring continuously, and waiting to be absorbed a ladle of broth to add the following.

adding broth until rice asks us, until they no longer absorb more. More or less will remove for 15 minutes. At that time we add well-washed grapes and cheese to melt enough for the rice is creamy.

Served accompanied by more cheese sprinkled on top and watered with a little olive oil with chillies.

When I published the grape focaccia, I commented that I had bought the grapes to make a salad that had published in Margot your blog. And as I left over grapes, I made the focaccia and I made the risotto who published it.

For this is the risotto. A delight. The mixture of ingredients I think it's perfect and it's different and original. I love try all the variations that supports the rice and all this kind of recipes, a few ingredients, and a great result.


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