Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Congratulations To Wedding Wording


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Happy Tuesday to tod @ s
Today I bring a cake heavenly
yes, yes as the name is a recipe for a great book
desserts and sweets of the Poor Clares.

The truth is simple, easy and very fluffy.
A cake with very few ingredients, but
and much game, only
, stuffing, sweet and a thousand ways.


. (300 grs.)
The weight of the eggs in sugar. (300 grs. Sugar)
Half the weight of the eggs into flour. (150 grs. Of flour)
1 / 2 of baking powder.
lemon zest (optional)


Conventional method:

Beat whites.
then whisk the yolks with the sugar.
Mix the yolks and whites, very gentle,
was added to the mix the sifted flour baking powder and lemon
rallladura if we choose to add.
Mix gently. We spread
buttered mold and cast the mass
Bake about 35 mts. at 180 ยบ C.


We put the butterfly in the glass,
laying the eggs and sugar and schedule 6 mts. a vel. 3 temp. 40 ° Cla
flour Add the flour, baking powder and lemon zest,
reschedule a few minutes without temperature vel. 3
We pour in a mold greased with butter and bake
. Ready

, can serve as is or fill it with what we like.
I hope this simple delight as you like it.


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