Monday, March 21, 2011

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Thanks Lemon Mousse

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Hi tod @ s
happy start to the week and of course,
I start on Monday with a few awards,

best enjoyment of the week?

because we can not say more than a million thanks.

have given me the our beloved blogger Roxin the blog
Roxin Chest
and the other has given me another beloved blogger
Cláudia the blog Recipes Cláudia

Thank you my princess,

And tell you that every one of vosotr @ @ s visit me
must take this rule that I offer.
I had to choose five blogs to grant them

but as you know I can not name them,
for my each and every one of vosotr @ s
you are a part of my kitchen, so my dearly
blogger and readers @ s

day I have left a very easy and simple recipe
but in a pinch like mine except I
food and sometimes as you least expect
So in less than an hour and refrigerate
could make this delicious lemon mousse.


1 small can of condensed milk.
4 lemon yogurt (in the absence of natural I started)
The juice of 2 lemons.


this recipe you can prepare in a blender or
or with the Thermomix.


Place all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk ingredients
go riding about 4 mts.
Pour into small glasses or cups and let cool in the fridge, so
I had only 1 hour.


Put all the ingredients in the glass and set 30 sec.
a vel. 5.
Pour into glasses or cups and insert it in the fridge.

this recipe I took the book Thermomix new dawn.



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