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Cupcakes Amaretto and Almond Cake

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Hi all, another day and here we are,
between cold, rain and wind.
As the saying goes bad weather
good face,

so let's have tea with a delicious cupcake. Frostting cupcake
The book is muffins,
the recipe from my friend Barbara.
A kiss to @ s and happy day.


5ml. amaretto.
230 grs. flour.
2 eggs.
1 sachet baking powder.
1 teaspoon of baking soda.
170 grs. softened butter.
110 ml. Buttermilk.
170 grs. brown sugar.

Amaretto Frosting:

345 grs. icing sugar.
55 grs. butter.
4 teaspoons cream. 3 tablespoons amaretto
soluble coffee.


Beat the egg whites and yolks with electric rods.
We then add the sifted flour,
sugar, amaretto, butter softened
soda, yeast,
and finally removing the buttermilk and let
very gently until the whole mass well
integrated cast
batter into cupcake molds and bake
180 ยบ C to 20 meters. approx.

Meanwhile prepare the frosting, in a bowl
all ingredients and stir until dough is smooth.

When our cupcakes have cooled,
procederemosa decorate with pastry.

ready, we have this delicious snack.

I greatly thank Rosa Roxin 's Chest,
your love and your trust by giving me this wonderful award
Friendship, thanks
Rosa, here I am for what you need,
at the other end of the island but also very close.
Thank you for this award,
a million kisses for this artist
so beautiful crafts.

This award is dedicated to tod @ s you,
when you come visit me today,
pick and put it on your blogs,
thanks for your friendship ,
and a million kisses.


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