Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Happy Sunday to all

Today I begin my post, leaving a simple phrase ended up
and leave you a recipe that
participated in the contest of our dear friend blogger:

Carrot Cake
in USA contest

The secret of happiness is not

in always doing what you want,
but wanting what you do.


180 grs. Cookies (vanilla wafers) or anyone.
60 grs. chopped toasted walnuts.
60 grs. softened butter.
500 grs. Cream cheese or similar (mascarpone, Quark)
250 grs. sugar.
3 eggs.
1 small cup of coffee liqueur, Baileys or otherwise.
vanilla extract.


prepare the base of our cake and biscuits, and begin to crush
with nuts that you previously
roasted in the oven, mix together
'll add softened butter and knead until
this entire mixture
firmly packed. Enter
cookies mix in a springform pan
and crush it until we left a good base
uniform and compact.
Bake about 10 meters. at 180 º C. reserve.

now proceed to prepare our fill, We will
cream cheese, sugar and 3 eggs and
with electric rods mount our cream,
for about 3m. We will add to our landfill
coffee liqueur and vanilla
and overturned on the basis of previously prepared
Bake at 180 º C about 40 mts. We left our cool

Cheese before putting cake frosting.

For the meringue:

4 egg whites.
200 grs. sugar.

Place the butterfly in the glass of the Thermomix and toss in that
the 4 egg whites and sugar and set 5 meters. vel. 3
at 40 ° C.
When the time we return to program 6 mts. a vel 3
without temperature.
We pour on the cake and we took about 5 meters to grill
very careful not to burn us.


hope you liked it and I wish you a beautiful
thousand kisses to tod @ s -


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