Thursday, January 31, 2008

Differnce Between Hedge And Private Funds Are

feet (or hands) of pork with mushrooms

What things are. When I was young and unaware I did not like anything at all pig's feet, and why my mother was out of fear. If there was nothing I ate, of course, but the skin or crazy, and certainly, if I could choose, would prefer otherwise, I'll tell you ... a chicken with potatoes, for example.
Until you get that age, in which one day come to dinner, and dinner is ready and no one comma, one of the same, and another, until finally tired of your mother prepare dinner and begins to pass you "like" that you pass it, and make dinner thinking they like them and not you, and somehow I get the girl, late and hungry and there is only trotters.

- "O dinners that or you do what you want but it's there!"

Well, I were divine, fantastic, delicious .... I ate the skin, bones sucked, I dipped bread into the tomato and I think until I ate a banana for Rounding out the dinner. Since then I like, much as my Maxi you like best, which do not know why he had not done before.
I like, because I wanted to be different, but not the typical single tomato. O boned and stuffed with whatever, that give more task, apart, Escura bones is what I like and in restaurants, if you put the foot bones, which is not as usual, you can not make sucking and re-than-you-suck as you can in the privacy of your home. On the other hand we must also take into account the head servant, icing the foot and then see recipes for ideas ...

So as I said, I searched for all books and magazines from home and finally the only one that seemed appealing was a recipe I found the restaurant The Pep Passadís , a classic among classics, and although no had all the ingredients you put at the bottom of the letter, I could make do with what I had.

ingredients I used were:

  • 5
  • trotters
  • Assorted dried mushrooms (camagrocs (Cantharellus lutescens), porcini (Boletus edulis ), trumpet de la mort ( Craterellus cornucopioides)) A eye.
  • 5 shitakes
  • dry 1 / 2 Viada cut bacon or what is, bacon
  • 3 duck gizzard confit
    cut up into pieces 2 onions
  • 4 tomatoes 3 cloves
  • 1 bay leaf 1 sprig
  • dried rosemary Salt
  • olive oil
  • a carrot
  • a celery
  • a piece of leek, the green almonds
  • 10
  • Pine. A
  • eye
  • 10
  • hazelnuts 1 garlic clove

first thing is to boil the feet, attached to not deform, with the onion with three cloves stuck in it, laurel, rosemary, half head of garlic with skin, leek, carrot, celery and enough salt. From what I read, should be boiling an hour and a half to two hours (in some places put a half hours and put in other two) I made in the pressure cooker and freely weighed with 45 "would be perfect. The I did the day before for not having to rush later.
In the morning I started with the sauce. In a pan put oil, duck gizzard, and bacon cut very small with a little salt, a little, that the bacon is already salty, until it was golden, then added the other onion finely chopped, leaving also brown. Once golden brown joined tomatoes peeled and cut into pieces and the rest of the garlic bulb with your skin. Over medium heat for about 15 "more or less. Meanwhile, the bite did grinding nuts and garlic with a little water to hydrate the mushrooms. When the sauce was more or less been added the bite and a little boiling water and let little hands a little lower. After a few minutes I added the pork feet and I put a little more broth simmering leaving for 20 minutes, uncovered. Constructive self-criticism

.-> I have to improve the cooking time because I dumped a little. Tiernísimos that if. When I took the photo thought I did not do justice to how good they were and not publish it, but how about a bit I took my mother and ate when I called to tell him they were real good, they were better that those who did it, and that (As advertised in the detergent) had told anyone who would listen.

I liked it so much I thought as if it deserved a post.



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