Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Lomo A Salt With Tagliatelle "Aglio e olio"

few months ago my sister, my mom and I left in place the family on Saturday. We meet all three at lunch to see us and discuss how it has gone a week. Before that we could spend months without seeing each other so it seemed like a good way to keep contact and take a walk and my mother (and this is ugly but it only left home to go to the doctor.) So we spent the morning together, usually after lunch we tour the market, or we will see shops, the charm ... Anyway, girl stuff. Normally I try to control the time but often give us so many and I have to run to collect purchase that I have ordered and anything else that is always to buy, which I get home between the two, two and something, and keep under the purchase and are now, hopefully all three. At these times and I have no time or inclination to get to cook great dishes, but as we try to do things like to eat tasty and above all fast.
Today was when I thought about adding a new label will Meals Saturday. And it becomes so simple meals, like everything I do, but above all to be made quickly or leave you little time to go do other things. Last week I took back to the salt with noodles "Aglio e olio" and was seen and unseen.


  • 250 gr. of Tagliatelli
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped large
  • chopped parsley chopped chilli
  • AOVE

back to the salt-

  • 1 / 2 kg on a piece of
    Iberian loin Coarse salt

Preheat oven to 220 Âș and water to boil for the tagliatelle. While preparing I take all the back temperature. Becomes salt base, the ridge top, cover completely with salt and throw it a few drops of water. When the oven is at room gets about 10 minutes or so, after that time are lowered to 150 degrees and leave it 5 minutes. After that I keep for 5 minutes in the oven off. We like that it is logically ends cruditĂ© although there are always more facts. This is their appearance. As a guideline the salt crust must break , then, for me already and I can turn off the oven.

As is becoming the back put the pasta has boiled the time recommended on the package. In this case were 6 minutes and while the pasta is done, the oil starts to fry the garlic, when you have a little color is added the parsley and a pinch of chilli anything (we hate to chop too) remove from the heat for garlic does not burn and when the pasta is done and laundry is mixed with oil.

Cut the loin and served with pasta.

Sometimes I put stuff salt, pink pepper, black or Jamaica, oregano or rosemary, ever since I've also paprika and celery salt vera ...

I usually accompany with mustard but this time the juice mixed it released the split with a little mayonnaise and mustard and made a smooth sauce.

is a simple dish, but if the meat is good, is absolutely delicious, and certainly faster to impossible. LRK


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