Friday, January 18, 2008

How Much Truffles Cost To Plant

Like Me Dinner! (Sopem In Blog)

Well, the issue is this.

Mar Calpena , we proposed to the bloggers Catalan an encounter of the kind that do bloggers and famous Galician Xantanzas .

Anyway, I find great this to know each other, and I pointed. And it's very easy . You go to the Bloc de la Mar, follow the instructions indicated, any question is asked, and you join saying (or typing ) in the same post. In any case, I advance seems to be that the date has been set for March 7 and will be a dinner.

Some who have signed already know them, but the rest is a mystery and cool!

Mar, t'he caught borrowed your image to put it as logo dinner in link I left fixed the "event "

Lrk .


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