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Pumpkin pastries and cakes Fine (or something)

Every Christmas my mother made some cakes, I guess that should do well in many regions but for me are typical of my mother. A friend of yours sends you by November, a couple of pumpkins for cooking and confit .
Well, the confit the guard, until they get the Christmas holidays, which allegedly has already purchased the exact point of maturity to his role and then prepares a Candied Pumpkin pastries and a Fine Cakes are our delight and we pushes back in time.
My mother gets older and increasingly it is harder to do things, (well, rather than put them, then once set no stopping her) so this year as they were dragged its feet, I volunteered to pinch him, and once more in plan witty reporter, taking notes and photos of each and every one of the steps you take to make these delicacies with which year after year we have been entertaining.
When I arrived, she already had candied pumpkin, but I explained in detail that the day before, has put it on your skin boil in plenty of water and a lemon cut into quarters. (I had to do because it has twice as big as pots for cooking calabazón like all in one) Once boiled, with a spoon was taking
entire pulp pumpkin and separating the seeds in a colander and let it drain overnight.
The next morning, and drained, the confit in a pan with about slightly more than 1 / 2 kg of sugar, lemon juice and a little water they had been boiled the day before. And between hour, hour and a half,
already had candied . As I said, it's just turning to go to get rid the sugar and mix well. A gigs go, and that he did not want to get!

So as hard work was done, we immediately got to work side by side. Now we needed for the dough:
(Measurements, as a good mother over 70 years are always approximate, as I say but rather to put eye)

  • 1 kg flour ½

  • 2 tablespoons (but not soup, if not spoon) sugar

  • 2 glasses of water, but anise (guess which )

  • 3 cups of oil (My mother spends a fairly strong flavor oil and you put 1 and 2 olive, sunflower, yet they felt the oil flavor)

Then, in a deep dish, in this case, relatively deep, put flour, sugar and anise, and heat a little oil in a pan, not much, only cogiese temperature for heat rid sugar. As she added the oil carefully I was stirring, until they have thrown all the oil, then, as with the wooden spoon was a little difficult to mix, we gave him first with
hands in the bowl and then kneading on the table. There my mother gave me a masterclass in mixing I believe that I can never overcome. Is it about not having Princess or Thermomix or anything like that.
(It seemed so cool at the end of post and if you are not very well the link I have posted the video that I recorded on the plan crappy photo camera.)
In short, what we were going, once it was well mixed question of going round the cutting pasta and filling of candied pumpkin, is closed, sealed with a fork and place it neatly and without touching the baking sheet. The oven of my mother (that is particular, if) is a gas, is an old kitchen, which further intrigue to the matter, because first you have to put the fire below, once they are made, the fire is lit from above. It has no timer, so that, all I can do is go looking at it, and careful, will not be extinguished in a blink of door. If I remember correctly, were between 10 and 15 minutes on each side. I say, controlled. The fact is they have to be more or less
and . Then he dipped in sugar and are ready to let it cool, fair, and sink his teeth. So on until finished, or pasta or stuffing. In this case as there was very little filler and plenty of pasta decided to make a cake tray Fine, (the so called because they are similar to the cream, the difference is made with oil, not butter, hence the name) and add a Royal little yeast, a pinch single. The short-cut pasta with a is older than me, heart-shaped, and as before, oven, do not burn control, door open, door closed and if I remember correctly they were ready to just under 10 minutes per side.

left us in total about 40 pasta pumpkin cake and 20 fine.

And the toasted seeds with salt and ate them in the afternoon in one sitting.


As I am not impartial, because of course my mother, but I think it's worth wasting a minute to see it.


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