Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Congratulatory Message For Marriage

My torch

As a child I was very, very good and I've been good with my Kings (lease, Maxi and Mini), the Kings have been very good to me and have given me a kitchen torch.

VOILÀ (see that nice)

The fact is that I wanted for a long time, but well, well, I had not stopped to think for I needed it, I think I got the monkey when I read this recipe of Thumb @ , then I saw the program Combinat Plat a recipe precisely Jordi Herrera, a gutters filled with vegetables, noodles and sauce escalivada ... Or something. In short, a very original thing you did with the torch, and of course, ass ass I wish, "melopidí." I did not think I would listen, and I forgot.
Now I have a torch and even after the initial enthusiasm and try to grill him gutters (that's no good), I was a little stop to do anything other than burn sugar crème brûlée or caramelized foie could use it.

Today I've been walking around the net and it turns out you can do a lot of things with it. Since using it to clean meat pen or hair, which I find fantastic, until a bunch of recipes to which they want to give a smoky, or like I said before, caramel desserts or savory dishes that we want to compare ...

I'm fascinated!

This weekend I put to the test and I will share the results here. Suggestions welcome ... you want to rock the torch and any contribution is welcome.

I said I'm fascinated??


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