Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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A little less than nine months, looking recipes I found how to anchovies in the style of Sant Feliu de Guixols, I try to do and I explained by here. Well ignoring Mr. Pla, I have left enough time for them to do better. (That and that one has a head pa) than

The fact is that the results have not been as successful than expected.

bought others in the market for comparison. See if you guess which is which.

With the oil will not notice much difference. Visually are drier and less smooth but if well hydrated is to look a bit. But what really matters is the taste, and taste is different. They are not bad, just do not know anchovy, are more like a "Herring."

Meat of these "anchovy" is more dry, tasty, yes, peppercorns give I gave her a different point, but not as soft or as fine as anchovies true, ie purchased. In short, I have not finished like, and I do not have to do them again. Unless you fall into my hands to make them otherwise. Right now is not what went wrong ...

Indeed, I must clarify that in the glass jar and closed, made no odor. In fact, placed at the bottom of the fridge, I almost forgot them.


photic This looks a little better the difference which is which.
What if?


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