Monday, November 19, 2007

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Normally I always buy the same place. The typical store-butcher-charcuterie, poultry neighborhood, quality, comfort and confidence. When I have vacation to find where I can buy what I need and fulfilling at least the first reason why I go to the "Carmen" (so called) quality. Well, the other day I was unfaithful. I was in the neighborhood market in line at the deli to buy my mother a few things I needed and the corner of my eye I see a chick moves with legs. The stop was a nearby poultry. I moved one foot and change of place. I must say that I love chicken feet, I find that gives a special taste to the broth, and besides being rich are fun to eat, in order for me is a great loss to the chickens come limping. The fact is that had backyard chickens (which are those with legs) of two different classes and that I liked most was the smallest, prietas meat, not as yellow as the rest and it turned out that was what had been the assistant because he was the most expensive (and kindly offered me) and had been fed entirely with corn grains and legumes without additive and also to the unbelievers had certificate. never have imagined that in my neighborhood market could find something. Although already warned me that if I wanted another at another time should order it. In short, the chicken weigh about two pounds and a half and cost me around 18 Eur It is not cheap, but if we bought a quarter of beef tenderloin comes out we the same price. Why not give us as much a tribute, because I'm worth, and cook a chicken as God commands?. As old ones. As those to the mom or yaya ....

This chicken in my opinion did not need large working or ingredients, only time and of course, cari├▒in.


  • A chicken pieces out of regular
  • 3 onions
  • "aggrandizement" (in this case of Figures)
  • 2 tomatoes grated
  • Oil, salt, pepper, brown sugar
  • A bouquet Garnis (or what amounts to a farcellet d'herbes or a bouquet of herbs consisting of oregano, bay leaves, savory and thyme)

And bite

  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 2 bay leaves
  • A saffron
  • few hazelnuts, pine nuts and almonds
  • Toast
  • A little whiskey and a little white wine

First, in a casserole dish with olive oil is not too strong, candy three teeth garlic, beaten and skinned and chopped bay leaves without letting it burn, with the purpose of flavoring the oil. When they are golden and have served their purpose are removed, peeled and with the pieces of laurel, reserves with the remaining chopped ingredients.

put oil in the chicken, which is already seasoned, fry over high heat when it is golden brown take it out and set aside. In the same oil gilded onion and when it starts to brown add the chicken, tomatoes shredded and spiced with a little brown sugar and farcellet d'herbes. Cover them and let them go by at medium heat for half an hour, making sure that does not stick and meneándolo from time to time for the flavors to be mixed well. While the glass of the chopper put fried garlic, bay bits, nuts, toast and a splash of cognac. The mince. Add the saffron that we will toast to activate its aroma and blend again. There must be a small amount of saffron, especially in this case that we want to enhance the flavor of chicken. Finally, after the first half hour of cooking add the chopped, and a splash of white wine and leave half an hour more with the same fire. And now this. The chicken was really juicy, and if I had a different taste, like corn. Something that note when gilded, I think, as I was influenced by the note ... do not know, I know is that I am very good, and as in the notice of Heno de Pravia we brought back memories of childhood.

accompany the dish with a great Baron Chirel, 2001. Right choice by my Maxi as it is a fruity and elegant Rioja, where the subtlety that had the wine, ate the dish, essentially simple, but it rounded.



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