Thursday, December 27, 2007

Unfinished Walking Canes

Discover Cuina (Again)

The other day, and after a long time without doing so, I took a complete tour of all the blogs that I have bound, and some other I start to know, and what was my surprise to discover that of A taula and The home cunia they were very happy because Cuina Discover magazine, not only appointed them but in addition, in the case of A taula, put a picture of one of his posts. I was very happy for them because these things are illusions but especially this ------------>>

's not just because I read them marked in red, is that they are also friends, with the sole intention of informing, giving an opinion and always, always with respect.

Given that for me this magazine is, in my opinion, here in Catalunya, a reference point for those of us who like good food (something of which I spoke in his day )
I was so happy that it's as if I had appointed to me.!

Congratulations guys!

Well in the case of Estintobasico, chica/0s Congratulations!


The article can be read perfectly enterito here I borrowed from Gemma's blog, which not only fine cuisine but also makes great photos.


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