Friday, December 7, 2007

Warts And Brazilian Waxing

Confit of duck gizzards

all started one day, a day off my Luna and I have started to zap at a time that is not mine and me doing this top of hills with Eva Argiñano program of your Today kitchens. As given in a somewhat inopportune time, at least for me, I had not ever seen, and as in his day had read experience Thumb, I was to see him. At this time I reserve the opinion of the program, because I think we must devote a post. The fact is that had a very cool salad made of vegetables, warm duck gizzards. As life is full of coincidences, chance afternoon I went to buy the Gourmet Corte Inglés and came across these confit duck gizzards, which were to take off.

The fact is that in principle, used to liven up salads, as he had seen on the show, and my Mini so I ate some green, I do not eat anything (Green) . But one of those days tightening hunger and do not know what to do or have anything in the fridge with the exception of an onion, a can of lentils pardinas, and gizzards, and hunger and it is known that the mother of invention and my Maxi, which is bigger, has more hungry and therefore more wit, he said

"Because you do something with the gizzards, because not do with lentils to see such?.

And I did.

And the result was spectacular.

confit onion very well (this is actually the only secret), I added the gizzards heading into pieces, wash pot lentils and added to the pan, the skip and now. Once served in the dish I added a little Maldon salt and it seems incredible that something so simple could be so good.

Since then in my house do not miss the boat confit of duck gizzards. By the way I've tried brand Delicass and I liked the first one I bought. Although the outcome of lentils is still as good.



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