Monday, January 24, 2011

White House Birthday Greetings

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Hello everybody s
cold How have you been?

I have left a cake and so going
warming up with a good cup of coffee
and a piece of this cake.
This time I wanted to make a homemade pastry
and has been successful.

There are countless ways to do it and make it,
I quickly began to puff
is less elaborate but the outcome is excellent.


200 grs. frozen butter into small pieces.
200 grs. flour.
90 grs. very cold water.
1 tsp. salt.


In Thermomix:

Place all ingredients in glass and set
Thermomix 20 sec.
Vel.6 Remove dough from glass and a ball.
Wrap the ball in plastic wrap and let stand 20 meters
in the refrigerator.
Sprinkle a work surface with flour, and put the dough
stretch shaping
rectangle and sprinkle with flour so it does not hit us roll,
We turned the dough into 3 parts
riding one on another and turning.
repeat the process 3 more times. We let stand for 30
meters in the refrigerator before use.

desired shape and bake at 180 ยบ C
20 meters depending on the thickness that we have given, the thicker
the need
baked dough as if we were inside we are going to be raw.
At first this was my fault, was the color of golden brown outside, but inside I was
The second time I'm baked golden brown and crispy

I fill the pastry with merengue,
although you can put any filling to your liking.
The decor is icing sugar, chocolate candy colors and

Conventional method:

If you do it by hand just have to put the ingredients
above the work table and knead until you
is a homogeneous mass, then you will have to
follow the same steps as I indicated earlier.

My source this time was the school book
Thermomix kitchen.

I also want to remind the draw held Mari
our dear blogger, blog
the gerund
cooking it and you have time to participate to
to 31 this month.


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