Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Salary Of A Sports Anchor

Nutella Cinnamon Bread ¡¡¡¡¡ tempting ........ Quick Puff Pastry with Merengue

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And we continue with the cold ......¡¡¡¡¡¡
and better than a homemade snack ?....

today's recipe is so easy and simple but is really
this creamy chocolate and hazelnut is a delight
and lasts up to two weeks, which in my case
obviously not a day, but well ...
and Inca
those cookies?
another delight so exquisite, so easy to do ....
also know that the Inca or Quelites cookies
recommended diets and diet soft light.
The two recipes I have taken of Thermomix Recipes and more .

The Quelites are our partner Maripepa

and Nutella is our partner Montse.

Well my Dear @ s @ s blogger
and fans forgive me for the recipe yesterday, I
not explain what happened, but did not go photos,
thank all why trust BLINDLY me,
if I could have seen his face when I started reading your
comments I promise you that you would have laughed, I almost had a
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ yuyu
But good even without my photos I had your confidence, thanks to all
@ s


. Toasted hazelnuts.
75 grs. Sugar.
75 grs. Black chocolate.
75 grs. Milk Chocolate.
75 grs. White Chocolate.
110 ml. of whole milk.
65 grs. Sunflower Oil.


I've prepared the Thermomix but it's so easy
that you can do with an electric mixer and you will
You must keep in mind that the milk should be well hot
to integrate fine ingredients,
and other steps are the same as the Thermomix. We

into the cup of sugar and thermomix
previously toasted hazelnuts in the oven, and program
15 sec. vel. 9
will add the 3 chocolates and reschedule
20 sec, vel. 9
And finally add the glass of milk and oil and schedule
7 mts. seen. 4, 50 º C.

Remove the cup and put in jars. Leaving
cool and is ready to consume


22O ml. Water.
30 grams. Bakery yeast.
200 ml. Olive Oil.
600 grs. Flour.
1 tsp.


Like Nutella, the mass of the
quelites can be done by hand, I have become used
Thermomix. We will
100 grs. Water and schedule 1 mt. 40 º C vel. 1
then add yeast and mix 15 seconds. vel. 4
add the remaining cup water 120 ml. and oil and mix
4 sec. a vel. 4
Finally add the flour with a tablespoon of salt and programmed
vel. pin 6 mts.
We take the mass of glass and make a ball
we leave leaven. We are
the desired shape and bake about 20 mts. at 180 º C

Wait remove cookies from oven when golden brown, if you will
raw inside. Enjoying Tea



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