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How To Decorate My Fake Fireplace

Escudella i carn d'olla

this Christmas have been rare, and for the same reason why I made the panallets I was "forced" to do this year has the Escudella i Carn d'olla traditionally com íamos at my "suegris" Christmas Day.

had never prepared so I was not quite sure that the result was very good, especially having to compete with the parents of my Maxi and we know that this fight with the recue Fin.results non of children is difficult, but hey, one more time from one day to another I was looking for information, which is multiple and varied, and buying the ingredients for 6 people who were as follows.

500 gr. beef can also be beef but I had to settle for poor fillet, 1 / 2 chicken, 2 blanquette turkey, a piece of salt pork and a fresh made around 150 grams A salted pig's foot, an ear also salt, 250 gr. black sausage, 150, white sausage, slices of ham or stale if you're not a ham bone, I
took me a few pieces of lean boneless, 1 beef bone cane with their marrow, 250 gr. chickpeas to soak in warm water and salt the night before, 200 gr. also white beans soaked overnight, 250 gr. of potatoes cut into quarters, 1 col biggie, big boy 1 turnip, 1 carrot and a parsnip regular. Salt ear and foot also began to soak overnight to lose much of the salt.

For the pilot

100 gr. of lean pork I took the 500 gr. purchased a piece of white sausage, 1 clove garlic, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs, 1 of flour, cinnamon, parsley and salt. Well

car on fire I put the pot with about three liters of water, meat, chicken,
the two Blanquet, foot and ear soaked overnight pork, bacon, ham and the bone of beef, carrot, parsnip and turnip. As you begin to boil, lather well (ie removes the dark foam that they release all the ingredients, and fat) and incorporates peas and beans ( within a mesh bag, separately, so that these vegetables, when cooked, can be easily removed, and not mixed with other genres of stock) season it with a minimum salt and let it simmer without interruption. (Well, actually I had to stop for a moment because the pot of cooking where I started to make the broth was small, and me and my problems with the measures I did not realize until he had all the ingredients brought to a boil, and I had no nothing more and still had to put the pilot, sausages, cabbage ... Anyway.)


solve the problem of the pot was becoming the stock and ride it I prepared as follows.

Piqué the lean pork or the white sausage of veal, I added the beaten egg, bread crumbs, salt, some pepper, a dash of cinnamon powder, garlic and parsley and a little flour. By forming a paste the ball, so long and then passing it through flour. I left two , make me thought it would be too large. Needless to say, was getting the ingredients and mixing. It must be tasty and fluffy, that's the most important. The point I like cinnamon, and I remembered that my mother hen c to home also became.

When cooked and takes three hours boiling gently (and I already had the industrial pot I could go home find my in-laws, and changed all this) are incorporated ride it, the sausages, potatoes and cabbage. Shortly after salt to taste. Obviously the three liters of boiling water for two hours is reduced, I added as two more times around a couple of liters to eye, but always hot. And I left about half an hour / three quarters more.
After this period, with the help of my Maxi (I had no strength to take such ollon) retired three-quarters of the broth to make soup galets which is the typical pasta and very big Christmas. (Although not as much as there placed throughout the city of Barcelona )
sets, carn d'olla a source, whole or sliced, with a little broth over it, another source of vegetables in separate small mounds carrot and sliced \u200b\u200band placed on top of cabbage and beans in a bowl.

all together is served at the table, to serve you the rest of the soup and eat it any way you want.

The truth is that it was awesome, broth, vegetables ...

Still left over from everything to give and sell , especially since we were three and I made to six, but for that are the cannelloni de Sant Esteve.


that, that's another post.

accompany this classic Catalan cuisine, with an equally classic Rioja wineries, a Reserve Imperial 82 which was perfect, fruity on the nose and mouth and despite his age, was maintaining good acidity and that memory of cherries in liquor I like so much in this type of wine. In short, it was just perfect.


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