Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fire Truck Red Color Icing

HEMC 40 - food scraps - WHITE BEAN TORTILLA and sausages

I can not remember the time that makes HEMC not participate in, but this comes in handy for me after the Escudella i carn d'olla his I had been leftover meat and vegetables to give and deliver, and even now we can put an excuse for the crisis, I always gave me great shame to waste food, so today judas reused explain how the white and the sausages that I left Christmas Day and also to reuse the post to be part of this month HEMC Cuchiflitos proposed.

I had baked beans, and had the remains of the two cooked sausages, black and white, 200 gr. beans, 150 gr. approximately total of the two sausages so I put them in a saute pan with a few drops of oil, when they took a golden brown color or so I added the two sausages cut small pieces and saute with beans all together. Meanwhile, beat 4 eggs with salt and threw it over the beans with sausage and prepared to make the tortilla has traditionally, turning alternately aided by a plate. A we do not like well done.

's it. It took me 10 minutes and a pa amb tomàquet I fixed a good dinner and was fine. If not, tell it to my Mini (which is not so mini) who ate three-quarters of the tortilla.



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