Sunday, December 20, 2009

Biography Of Virappon Chandan Tasker Karnataka


Well, I know that normally in the world of dining or prescription Blogs (called the mine as you like) when you hang up a prescription related to a day, it crashes before it reaches the day. That is, if it is near Christmas and want to hang the duck in orange sauce recipe of your grandmother for Christmas because I did hang a few days before, if someone reads you would like to take, or coca in San Juan or in this If a Panallets for the day of the chestnut. Vale for 11 months I advancement, 10 and a half setting.

to what we were. I guess every community has its way of celebrating the night or the day before the feast of All Saints. In my house, customs Aragon, when I was little I remember we did nothing, only my mother lit candles and left overnight, as he put it, to enlighten souls. But no celebration, nothing special meals. I do not know when panallets came to my house, I think through my sister, Catalan, or my sister ... can not remember, but I was not much of panallets.
Since I joined my family Maxi provided for chestnut parents brought us the panallets a very good pastry is in my neighborhood but this time could not be. So I took the plunge value and I decided to make them myself and pass a lot to them.
As always I was late. This year, the chestnut was on Saturday and the Saturday was buying the ingredients but the clerk of nuts I said it was necessary to let it sit overnight dough as the recipe said. So I bought the ingredients he told me I got a recipe that was very cleverly put on the counter, and I got to work. Before giving

ingredients I want to clarify that I took a spin around the Internet to find a bit of history and the source was always Wikipedia, so who wants to know some history you look at them there.

Ingredients 1 / 2 kg grated
Almond 400 gr. Sugar 250 Gr
gloss of potato (in my case with a potato was enough, can also be made with sweet potatoes and put in the recipe, now I just realized, 1 / 2 kg. potatoes, but I have a problem with the steps and I remember well that my potato into a room. I did not want to do with sweet potatoes for fear they were very sweet, or sweet potatoes lend its flavor. In fact, purists say that putting panallet potato or yam is done to save that amount for out-going, but of course are also less wealthy. This is not because I say so, that I say, I were real good and I had to leave about fifty more or less, to spread and eat a few are sufficient, if you're not panallets for a year and lose the grace.

1 egg yolk 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar (you can also put a tube of vanilla but Mr of nuts and gave me had no sugar.)
1 / 4 of Pine

enough water in Boil the potatoes, when cooked, hot, peeled, crushed with a fork, add the sugar little by little so that it melts, egg yolks, stirring constantly, and the teaspoon of sugar vanilla and grated almonds.
Knead well, if necessary with your hands and let it rest. In the recipe was written that all night. I let a few hours, four or five. After that time I formed the balls of desired size and I beat the egg Dredge the balls and was coated in pine nuts. This is the most laborious because of course it's not like the bread crumbs, you have to do a bit of pressure to stay stuck while trying to maintain the round shape of panallet. But hey, it's harder to cut stones.
Once the desired amount is fighting another egg and paint bathe in each panallets. Get into the oven about 5 minutes or until golden brown to consumer tastes.

If you run out of gears, which to me I ran out, the marzipan can be added grated chocolate or like me Turbo Cola-Cao, depending on the amount of mass is a rule of thumb, I do not stay long, for about 10 panallets not too fat and I put three tablespoons. Knead well again to mix the Cola-Cao and make him the desired shape. Also is coated in beaten egg and truth that are good. These did not photograph them, but they were so good I had to tell, and accompany the wonderful coffee.



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