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The of packets is a bit cheesy but the recipe I copied literally from a "Discover the Cuina" the year of the Chestnut, the number 6 with that I say all, as is a magazine published in Catalan, presented the recipe as cabbage Farcellets botifarra i amb llagostins "and I sincerely believe that this is the most appropriate translation. Suggestions welcome for that.
Anyway, what is being unable to throw anything related to food is that occasionally you can save your life.
I had a few leaves of cabbage seemed a being from another planet and I could not take for escudella but they were perfect for making stuffed, but would not fill them with meat, in canalones.Me plan wanted to do something a little more original and I pulled out my magazines to find this recipe as it says is an amazing mountain and sea, and how would the Aida Luisma ... I attest.

Ingredients for 2 people

3 large cabbage leaves 1 garlic
tender shrimp

8 1 / 2 zucchini
60 gr.
black sausage a little oil and salt pepper

For sauces
2 garlic cloves and peeled a tomato rolled

shrimp heads
A little white wine 50 cl

soy sauce and 15 gr. sugar

first thing is to clean cabbage leaves with water and cut in half by removing the little white nerve. Put them in a steamer with a little water or vegetable broth (I l as I did with water) and left for 5 minutes. Are removed, is left to drain on paper towels or a clean cloth.
Cut the zucchini and garlic into strips and chop the sausage. Prawns are cleaned, the casing is removed, peel and remove the heads that we reserve for the sauce, and cut into four pieces (or three depending on the size of the prawns that to everyone's eye.)
In a pan fry the garlic, add the zucchini and sauté until they take color. Are added shrimp and sausage and sauté a couple of minutes. Salt & pepper and was removed.
Put a spoonful of the filling on each cabbage leaf half and closed to form packets. She puts on the steamer again five minutes.

Serve with the essence of shrimp and a soy reduction, which gives an exotic oriental touch to mourn.

essence To make the sautéed shrimp heads are removed and the same oil, add the garlic, peeled and rolled and a tomato peeled and cut into pieces, you miss all and add back the heads of the prawns , everything gets wet with white wine, is allowed to evaporate the alcohol from wine, crushed and passed through the Chinese.

soy reduction is made with the 50 cl. soy sauce and sugar 15, leaving him lame reduce until very thick sauce consistency.

packets are presented on one side and sauces on the side so that everyone gets where you want and the quantities they want, I liked the two mixed , a lot of essence and a touch of sauce soybeans.

Now that I write I'm thinking that I have to do it again. Que rico! LRK



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