Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Veal stew with potatoes Galician "To My Ball"

write This post is exclusively for me. So you do not want read do not read. Today (ie Saturday) I made some potatoes stuffed with meat (or meat stew with potatoes) requetebuenas, I've done to my ball, hence the title, and to not forget what put me here, because it is that living on the moon, that if you forget to write it, and I say knowingly. I made a little Cod with a rich sauce, and I agree that was what he got, so before I forget and can not make it so public.

The ingredients are 1 / 2 kg of meat for braising heading to squares 2 large potatoes
items to pinching (Galicia, I discovered recently and will try to dedicate a post one of these days)
6 cloves garlic, chopped parsley

2 carrots 2 onions chopped 1 tomato grated

a bay leaf torn in two
a sprig of chopped sage

a pinch of rosemary pinch of paprika vera "bittersweet"
3 / 4 of a liter of milk thistle about meat, "White Hen" (if that happens, the mine was not)
Salt, pepper and flour to coat meat Olive oil

A little lard

is easy and all you need is a bit of time so that the meat is tender, but I was so rich I do not want me or an ingredient exactly what I put.

First put in the little pot of butter with the oil to heat, while I seasoned the meat and add the flour, like salt, which is not too floury, and pinch of rosemary. Is made in the pan and when it begins to brown it and add the garlic and parsley spins to mix the taste of garlic and parsley with meat. When you start has to be golden and add the grated carrot sage immediately. Round. Cover and reduce heat, and stays there a couple of minutes. You add the tomato. He climbs the fire and is still spinning. Add the chopped onion. It is spinning and when you have a bit of color, low heat again and again to cover the onion is soft. About five minutes or less. Uncover turns up the heat and add the potatoes and peppers are still hanging around to continue mixing the flavors and adds beef broth to cover all ingredients and then close it again. When it starts to boil, reduce heat and leave it at between 20-30 minutes. After that time ... eat!

It was lighter than Beef Stew Montsant Wine I did in his day. And like everything else, I guess if one puts himself as beef broth is better. I had done and I preferred the easy to buy the White Hen, which fulfills its mission with honor, than to water. If you put a fresh peas, where season in early spring, I think, ta lso win the plate. But this as is, I went round. My Maxi evening still remembered.

accompany the dish with a great wine of the Douro, of course, selected by my Maxi.

The wine in question was the Maritávora 2004, purchased in Coalla Gourmet, to a great relationship money . Bright red and alive and fresh and fruity nose, with notes of fresh red fruits and a touch of well integrated toast. In the mouth is as fresh as expected, with hints of red fruits and roasted again, and memories of nuts all very well integrated and round. With a final long frank and I also believe that gave light to the stew. Very good.

In short, a perfect meal.

Oh, how hard is life! LRK



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