Sunday, September 30, 2007

How Much To Register A Horse Float


High Tone group was established in 1997 in Lyon on the slopes of the Croix Rousse. From his early independent label Jarring Effects, the group enjoys complete artistic freedom and mix well many musical influences, Jamaican dub the seventies, hip-hop, jungle, drum ' bass, techno, oriental sounds. With determination, and if not instigator of the new style dub High Tone features a powerful dub effects truffle. Dj Twelve handled the samples and scratches on each of the Tone pedazos.High out his first vinyl Warp Bud Seasons in 1997. Shall be followed by Low Tone, again up to 4 titles also published in CD to serve as a promotion. In 2000 he released the first true album of the band, Opus incertum. High Tone, with groups or Zenzile Dub Improvisators then are the pioneers of dub sound recorded live version compared to remix music. [Info out of wikipedia version fransesa]
In this album: Opus incertum find a mixture sonidos.Rolas exquisite recommended: Delhi Kathmandu, Dreadfull Bass (EXTRA: Music Pacheca ) Download it HERE


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