Thursday, August 9, 2007

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The reason for the abandonment of my blog has been none other than a mini vacation in Ibiza, I have come renewed, and as they say, virtually new.
Taking advantage of my stay on the island, from here I want to appeal to their sites and gastronomy. Seem to know everything there is maquinera Party, Pacha, Privilege, Space ... Or on your other side, "pseudo hippie" because there are few real hippies, with their markets and their shirts
Bob Marley . We are going to relax and soak up the sun and always discover something new, even to repeat from time to time.

This time, I could not bring me to a salt Barcelona Ibiza , contained in the Natural Park of Ses Salines and oil Trull d'En Joan Sant Josep Benet fact that is precisely where we were going those days.

Salt granite chose it as a matter of personal taste only because I like a lot more salt and granite seemed much more authentic,
think it's more natural, and it's not me disappoint.
As oil
regret, I did not find any feature to highlight, I find a heavy oil, with no special flavor. Know that the olive is made because the bottle does not put you and I have been unable to find information on the web. Anyway I must say that I like the flavorful oils and fruity, the type of Arbequina olive, or Hojiblanca of homemade cooking use the brand Hojiblanca and salads and take no more I have bread or Cervus or the cooperative Borgelenc of Siurana both AOVE 100% Arbequina, which does not mean it is better or worse than others, simply is not the type of oil that I like. In the background, and like everything else, is a cuestioĆ³n tastes.

we would also like to visit one of the wineries that are now operating around the island, in particular holds Can Rich but unfortunately only open to the public on Mondays and at the end we could not go. No matter, so we have a reason to return. Still bought a couple of bottles that have not yet open, which probably speaks here.

In a second post, talk about a couple of restaurants visited and that I think deserve special mention.



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