Monday, August 13, 2007

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HEMC FLAMENCO - Mushroom Carpaccio

Am I not fit in my joy, and this while my mind.

This time La Olla Switzerland has thought me to be the host of the tenth Done fourth event in My Kitchen. I was thinking of an ingredient that would play and was rich and was affordable ...
And be clear finished. I mentioned it at home and my Maxi was that
told me why not the mushrooms, and hey, it seemed perfect. Meets all the requirements and I love, in fact, is one of the ingredients that never fail in my refrigerator for relief by tasty, and economical, because I like all the mushrooms and this is the only q ue throughout the year I can be cool and also I have a theory that if it were not cultivable, would have another price. Something like what happens to the sardines, but on mushroom, come on.

At the same time when I answered La Olla Switzerland dishes knew it was going to do one for years but not perpetrated actually was one of the first to put into practice when I discovered how much I love cooking and I get to relax me into it, which I'll post another day to not overwhelm.

And the other THIS ,



There was a restaurant called Arcanum whom I was very fond of the simplicity of its dishes and its raw materials in general and vegetarian moussaka and the carpaccio of mushrooms in particular, so often were, and observers are it must be said in passing that finally lgo as simple as carpaccio of mushrooms I decided ah acerlo home and I think I was right, because it was quite similar, since then, has become one of the favorite companions meat and fish in my house, even sometimes I put a salad rocket and the refreshing sea. As for the restaurant Arcanum, the last to time I will make about half a year we commented that the chef, owner and creator of these delicious dishes, it seems that he had sold the restaurant and although the site still retained the same charm nor had carpaccio, or moussaka (how sad) and other things that made the restaurant famous ... (worth another if, but it is not the same)

Well, at least I still carpaccio doing and what I eat at home, so as for me I just need:

  • mushrooms (of course)
  • Vinegar of Modena
  • A good AOVE
  • Maldon salt
  • A pinch of oregano
  • few chopped toasted hazelnuts
  • A little pepper (in this case I use the 5 pepper in grinder is softest)

Wash the mushrooms well because they will eat raw and is important important that do not have land, are cut sheets as thin as possible, not worth buying the mushrooms and a lam Inada, and it's more comfortable, but not so tasty and the sheets are also other too much of this fat. It co LOCAN at the plate and dressed with balsamic vinegar enough, you should use for this spray, it is distributed more vinegar, but we did not have before me and gets by me as I could and I was really happy. Then add the oil and salt turns to champis and put back a little more vinegar, oil and salt and freshly ground pepper, oregano and walnuts. Then the cook (in my case / to me) eat one to see if you need to rectify d and oil or vinegar, if it is ok, the table and eat.

be easier. What does not?



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