Friday, March 28, 2008

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Fuse Box Diagram

The Lord Pla in book "that heme menjat" devotes a chapter to this dish enterito. It explains brilliantly as the flavors combine each of these two ingredients that are also and I quote "a questionable menys primaverals dels plats" (one of the spring plates unless questionable) because the eels better quality, larger and therefore more usable more easily found on the market at the beginning of spring begin to appear just as the first peas of the season and both uniting its lightness makes a sublime dish.
Knowing this, how did you face when I was in my neighborhood market, not the Boqueria not in my neighborhood, not much variety there is usually the same day I saw nothing that had eel and peas? How would not buy these two and trying to cook the dish so much praised by Mr. Pla? If he could not, could not.

So I bought the "peas" of Congre actually is an ugly fish (thats what I say) and slippery (llefisc√≥s "as say the sr. Pla) but cheap, about € 4 a kilo, that if you've got to carry this whole and weighed my 3 Kg. and a half after buying 1 kg of fresh peas I went home so happy and the next day (was Sat Saturday, I have explained my problems with the Saturday) I got to work.

First with the head, spine and vegetables always, already explained by here prepared a broth. I selected the pieces of eel that seemed most suitable, large, whole, with minimal potential thorns. about half a kilo of fish and a 400 gr of peas, oil, flour, parsley, 3 cloves of garlic and chopped onion. first thing I did was boil the peas were a bit "gordicos" and believed it more appropriate, only a couple of minutes, to soften a bit. Done this, put the clay pot to brown the onion, I added half cooked peas. When the onions have begun to color, I added the flour and a little mixing sofreí well. Later I added the fish stock and put the eel, and salt on top. I let it cook for about 10 minutes, checking that no pegase. While the chopper chop garlic with the parsley and added it to the pan, correct for salt and immediately put in oven at medium heat for 5 minutes and then a couple of minutes with the grill. And now. Nothing could be simpler! Rico, cheap and quick and also a true seasonal dish.
Also in the freezer I have eel soup and half animal that I reserve for other activities, such as rice, it appears that it is also very rich.

To give a paste, the peas were not as small as recommended by the sr. Pla in his book, but it is what I found, I tried to select them but if they had not come to nothing and the fish they had never tested seemed very rich, if you have many thorns, but worth trying this dish.



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