Sunday, February 1, 2009

Engagementwording 2010


CRISIS. It is the most recurrent theme in any conversation, some exploit it and use it to their advantage, some say it does not exist, but the truth is that we are increasingly harder to make ends meet.

I also took advantage of the crisis to try with this recipe, back to my blog for almost a year I have left.

recetilla In my case, is not that you have chosen especially for the price to which sale, if it turns out that my Maxi is a tripe lover (!) And I did not hear . But seeing how easy it is to make them, how rich they are and above all, economic as they are, seemed like a good idea to come back here again and tell.

the tripe we have forgotten years. If it is true that for some time this party has begun to emerge a little more, for example, those cheeks are now so fashionable in restaurants does not cease to be tripe. It is also true that not everyone likes, has a strong flavor, particularly ... but who likes offal, you tend to like a lot. If you're the lucky ones to which they like, this is a recipe sea managed to make ends meet.

As there had never searched the references in my many books, but not just to convince me so I turned to my sister who is the queen of tripe. My brother loves offal in general and particularly so callus at least had a good reference. In short, I used the technique of asking the older sister, as they did before the Internet existed, and called to see how prepared it and I could not help but make a contribution of my own, as the peppers and some other detail, these are true for me Tripe the Mariangeles .

After gathering information given by my sister went to the market for ingredients and prepared for 10 € a callus on my opinion of both Maxi and a buddy who came home for lunch were the best I had eaten in a long time. OIX!

The ingredients are:

tripe 700 gr 300 gr
pink cap i pota

pinch of paprika vera

To boil corns

A head of garlic 1 bay leaf A few crusts of ham

A stock cube

For the sofrito

100 gr.
tacos ham 50 gr. Chorizo \u200b\u200bcortadito
large onion grated
A green pepper into small pieces match
¼ grated fresh tomato in this case I used a tomato-passing that more or less (GM might say but I really gave my brother the village)
1 2 chili peppers

Above all, the first thing to know is that there are two kinds of callus as white, most beautiful, striking and economic (6 € / kg in my market) and roses As its name implies, are pink, and looks less conspicuous, national and also a tad more expensive (6.50 € / kg) but apparently are much tastier than whites. My sister told me that she always bought the roses, the rest was explained to me the seller.

callus bought 700 pink and 300 capipota, as directed by my sister, without starting because it is clean better and cuts the parts you your to your liking.

Once washed and sliced \u200b\u200bto taste one, are placed in a pot with celery, garlic head, bay leaf, bark of ham, chicken stock cube (I say I'm not very fond of "avecrenes" but as the expert does so I follow the steps and apparently do not have to worry salt and are more flavorful) and enough water to cover tripe. Boil. While

cooked corns will make the sauce. First fry the ham and sausage, add the grated onion and bell pepper into pieces match, that will be doing over low heat, when he was golden, I added the meat of the peppers previously soaked in hot water, I gave a lap Then put the pepper, the grated tomato and one bay leaf and let it be done gradually while continuing boiling tripe. I also added the head of garlic was cooking with corns, drawn like a paste. Made the sauce and calluses the Cole, I removed the bay leaves, pork rinds and celery and added them to the sauce, added some water to boil corns and a little water to soak the peppers, salt to taste my Maxi and let them cook about 10 minutes more with the sauce. I let them sit and eat.

I really thought were very good but my guests outstanding experts gave me high and thus, are still demanding as I am more than satisfied and ultimately ate like champions and I were to give my father and my parents and, as I said before, for about 10 €.

is or is not a solution to food in times of crisis?.



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